Cardoso & The Golden Age: Programme

Our concert marking the 450th anniversary of the birth of the Carmelite composer Frei Manuel Cardoso is now just a week away! 

To whittle down a project of nearly 200 performed works taken from the 300 or so catalogued has been a challenging task! While focusing on Cardoso, the programme sees the other major composers active at the time of Cardoso represented. It features some well-known works, including Cardoso Sitivit anima mea and Rebelo Panis angelicus, but for the most part continues the work of our Cardoso450 project in promoting works which are unknown. Some of the works have been or will be presented liturgically at the Carmelite Priory, but a choice few are extra and can only be heard at our concert.

The concert broadly explores two themes: Cardoso’s almost exclusive use of Gospel texts in his motets, unique among these composers, and the penitential side of Portuguese polyphony as exemplified in his Lamentations and the trio of motets (by de Magalhães, de Cristo and Morago) of texts from the Office of the Dead.

We hope you can join us at the Carmelite Priory (41 Kensington Church Street W8 4BB) on Thursday 8th December at 7.30pm to enjoy this feast of wonderful music.

Cardoso & The Golden Age

Cardoso Kyrie from Missa Miserere mihi
Cardoso Quid vis ut faciem tibi?
Cardoso Tulerunt lapides
Cardoso Nos autem gloriari
Duarte Lobo Pater peccavi
Cardoso Lamentations: Vau. Et egressus est
Cardoso Quod autem cecidit
Estêvão de Brito Petre amas me?
Francisco Garro In principio erat verbum
Aires Fernandez Alma Redemptoris
Cardoso Sitivit anima mea
Filipe de Magalhães Commissa mea
Pedro de Cristo Parce mihi Domine
Estâvão Lopes Morago Commissa mea
Cardoso Agnus Dei from Missa Tradent enim vos
Cardoso Accepit ergo Iesus panes
João Lourenço Rebelo Panis angelicus